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Bride Wars [NEW]

The two of them ask the third bride, Stacey, to switch her June 27 date with Emma. Stacey refuses, resulting in Liv fighting with Stacey while she is registering for gifts and causing Liv and Emma to be escorted out of the store. A week of passive-aggressive hostility passes before the two women make it clear to each other that neither will compromise. Emma's fiancé, Fletcher, begins to show signs of being controlling. The two women declare war after a slight misunderstanding that Liv already announced her wedding date, outraging Emma who set her date as well, which Liv becomes aware of at their shared bridal shower. The two exchange threats and insults in front of their friends who decide not to take sides.

Bride Wars

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Both brides-to-be are shown to be in the Plaza very shortly before they are due to be wed, separately. Right before Liv leaves to begin her march to the altar, she encounters Emma's father and receives his blessing; immediately she regrets setting up a wild spring break DVD to play at Emma's wedding. She sends her assistant Kevin to replace the DVD with the right one, filled with childhood memories. Thinking that the DVD is for a prank, he does not do so. Before the brides enter their respective venues, they share a brief moment of reconciliation as they both smile at each other.

Emma begins her walk down the aisle but stops when the footage of her spring break is shown. She loses her temper and tackles Liv at her wedding on the other side. The two brides wrestle in their dresses on the floor to the shock of the guests, Fletcher, and Emma's parents who are standing in the doorway. Emma stands up and walks over to Fletcher who is upset at her behavior. Emma tells him that she is not the same person he fell in love with 10 years ago and that she has changed over the years. With that, the two decide to call off their wedding. Liv's wedding resumes after the two friends talk things out and reconcile. Emma, now Liv's maid of honor, is later and dancing with Nate, Liv's brother, and a well-known magazine journalist.

In one of the few positive reviews of the film, Time critic Mary Pols wrote, "At least, and this is something to be grateful for, Bride Wars deviates from the usual wedding-flick routine of maids of honor who should be the bride (or groom). And even though the catfighting goes over the top, the notion that a passionate female friendship can turn ugly in a heartbeat is, sadly, realistic."[18]

Best friends since childhood, middle-school teacher Emma (Anne Hathaway) and high-powered attorney Liv (Kate Hudson), share one common dream -- a June wedding at Manhattan's storied Plaza Hotel. When both women get engaged the same week, they immediately hire the city's best-known wedding planner (Candice Bergen) to secure two dates in June. All is satin and lace until the brides-to-be discover that the Plaza accidentally booked both of their weddings for the same date -- meaning that one of them has to switch her venue, or they'll be hosting competing nuptials (guess which way things go?). For most of the movie, the lifelong BFFs turn into archrival bridezillas out to sabotage each other's weddings while their fiancés (Chris Pratt and Steve Howey) sit around looking helpless and confused.

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, who play the would-be brides, are good actors and quick-witted women, here playing characters at a level of intelligence approximating HAL 9000 after he has had his chips pulled. No one can be this superficial and survive without professional care. Compare this film with the wonderful "Rachel Getting Married," for which Hathaway may win an Oscar nomination as Rachel's sister, and now see how she plays a prenuptial Stepford Wife.

Do you have any idea what such weddings would cost, after flowers and table decorations, invitations, gowns, limos, a reception, dinner, music, the sweets table, the planner, the event room at the Plaza and rooms for the wedding parties to get dressed? Plus tips? For enough room to get the bride and her bridesmaids whipped into shape, I think you could all squeeze into an Edwardian Park suite, 1,000 square feet with a king-sized bed, which next June 7 will go for $2,195. Family of the bride? Impecunious out-of-town relatives? Groom and his best men? Have them wait in the hallway.

At least there will be no expenses for a honeymoon, since neither couple ever discusses one. The movie is about the brides and their weddings, and that's that. The grooms are in fact remarkably inconsequential, spending a lot of time sitting on couches and watching their brides act out romantic and revenge fantasies. That's because after both weddings are scheduled for the same time, Emma and Liv forget their lifelong bonds of friendship, start feuding and play practical jokes involving a deep orange suntan, blue-dyed hair and a projected video from their bachelorette party. They end up in a cat fight in the aisle. Fortunately neither one thinks of introducing E. coli into the punch bowl.

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Ever since they were children, Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) have dreamed of the perfect wedding. Becoming engaged at the same time, the two of them hire the same wedding planner (Candice Bergen) and begin the elaborate preparations. But after an accidental double-booking means one of the prospective brides will have to change her date or venue, the love between the fair friends changes to all out war.

Two couples that are living together finally decide to get married but the decision sparks a battle between life-long friends who resort to mean-spirited antics to disrupt the happiness of the other. A woman is stalked and threatened. Social drinking is frequently depicted including a bride who is drunk and other characters who consume alcohol or prescription pills to deal with stress. Brief sexual innuendo and comments are used in the script along with a lesbian remark. Women attend a party with male strippers. A woman at work is shown in a bra. Language contains infrequent profanities, frequent terms of Christian Deity and a couple of moderate sexual expletives.

By now, I'm sure you know the plot: Hathaway and co-star Kate Hudson star as childhood friends Emma and Liv, who are waiting desparately for their boyfriends (who barely register as real characters in the film) to propose to them so that they can have their dream weddings at the Plaza in Manhattan. When they both get engaged, it's a pop music montage of lavish shopping. But when they find out they're double-booked at the Plaza, they engage in a dull and unfunny catfight: faces get turned orange, hair gets turned blue, the brides-to-be engage in a dance-off involving a male stripper, and there's a lot of jokes about Liv's weight gain. Hathaway's character might feel empowered by all this ridiculousness, but women watching it are bound to just feel insulted. Predictably enough, at the end of the filmis a message about the true meaning of friendship that does little or nothing to offset the previous hour's worth of film devoted to depicting women as selfish, shallow, zombie brides. Sadly, it's even impossible to connect with Hathaway's character - a selfless, generous woman who the filmmakers desparately want you to feel deserves this fantasy wedding - because her character is so poorly, simple-mindedly written.

Based on mounting evidence, one has to wonder whether Rachel Getting Married represents Anne Hathaway's only three-dimensional performance. She's not very good here and her lack of depth is expertly matched by Kate Hudson, who is in full bitch mode for most of the running time. We keep expecting Candice Bergen to do something witty but she never tries. And the guys are boring and largely interchangeable. There are three of them, which signals that maybe one of the brides is not with the correct groom. Some might consider that a spoiler but it's telegraphed early enough in the story that only those making frequent trips to the lavatory or snack bar (both good excuses to shorten the amount of time spent actually watching the movie) will be unaware of what's going on. In short, Bride Wars is a typical January movie: worth ignoring in favor of staying home and watching network TV reruns. There's more cheer to be gained from staring outside at a bleak and desolate winterscape in the twilight of a shortened day than paying good money to endure this example of cinematic offal.

Every year Hollywood spits out a quota of romantic comedies not fit even for airline viewing. As years pass, the standby of rom-coms centered around weddings have started to resemble museum artifacts associated with a tradition of marriage that more and more people look at as obsolete. From its opening childhood flashback sequence of young Liv and little Emma gazing longingly at the bride in a wedding ceremony, "Bride Wars" adopts a condescending tone of commercial satisfaction that Kate and Liv have bought into hook, line, and sinker. The film's would-be target audience of 10 to 16-year-old girls will want to go home and prissy themselves up dreaming of a day that, as statistics show, may not come. That's not to say that this audience is missing the retail message about buying clothes, jewelry, make-up, and all-things "dreamy."

Lifelong best friends Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) have shared a dream since childhood: Each yearns for the perfect June wedding at New York's famed Plaza Hotel. But when a clerical error puts them both down for nuptials on the same day at the same time, one of them will just have to switch the date, right? As if! More than the bouquet goes flying when these desperate brides-to-be "duke it out" for matrimonial supremacy! Full of fun, fashion and heartwarming moments, BRIDE WARS "will keep you laughing all the way down the aisle" (Jeffrey Lyles). 041b061a72


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