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- Est. 2012 -


Farm Raised


Chase Hatchery started as an Easter project with our children back in 2012. Chase family bought a small table-top incubator, some fertilized eggs, and 21 days later our first batch hatched. Over the years, we've grown from managing everything out of our garage, to now, selling in our new chick pickup trailer and shipping all around the US. Not only have we learned so much through our own experience, but from our customers sharing their stories.


Patricia Chase - Chase Hatchery 2015


Today we've expanded our help to our older children along with other youths and run a program that teaches young chicken lovers and business entrepreneurs how to care for chicks and the basics of customer service and business essentials. With the help of our 'expanded family', we are able to offer a wide variety of chicks, ducklings, and turkey poults for the 2024 Season. We look forward to another great year sharing and hearing many more stories of families just like us enjoying the backyard chicken experience.

Charles & Clyde Chase - Chase Hatchery 2015

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