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To report any losses or roosters,

Look over our policies below and only submit losses/roosters that are within our guarantee. To report any losses/roosters, email our customer service team at service@chasehatchery.comLosses must be reported the day they are picked up from the post office to receive a refund.


Our Healthy Chick Guarantee

We guarantee a full count of live healthy birds. On shipped chicks, extra chicks of same/like breed and gender may be sent with your order to help fulfill this guarantee. In the rare case where a loss occurs in shipment or prior to picking up your instore order, and you do receive fewer live birds than ordered, we will make an adjustment either by replacing poultry, (please keep in mind quantities and availability of breeds may not be available), or by processing a refund of the per bird price, not including shipping and handling. In the case loss does occur, it must be reported within eight hours of receiving the shipment. At no time can Chase Hatchery guarantee exceed original purchase price of poultry.


Our guarantee is void for any live parcels not picked up within eight hours of arriving to their local Post Office. We are unable to make refund or reshipments in these cases.


We cannot issue a refund or replacements for losses after a safe and timely delivery. It should be noted prior to ordering live poultry, there is some risk of loss involved. Our guarantees do not cover survivability. Sometimes things go wrong without any real reason that can be determined even when care instructions are followed. Many customers have great success caring for and raising chicks that follow the guidelines in our Chick Care Guide. There is no guarantee for instore and pickup orders after the poultry leaves the store.


Submit a picture of losses and live birds received when reporting your losses.


Sexing Accuracy Guarantee

We offer a 90% sexing accuracy guarantee on all sexed breeds. Some breeds are easier to sex than others. If an error is made, we will make it right for anything more than the allowed 10%. We will issue a non-expiring store credit for a future order for the female price. Claims must be sent directly to us along with pictures when chicks are not more than 12 weeks old. We do not have any guarantees on percentage of males or females on non-sexed/straight run breeds.

The more birds you buy, the more you save!

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