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The Ultimate Terraria Crafting Guide: How to Craft Weapons, Armor, Tools, and More

Crafting is the act of combining one or more materials into a different item, usually at a specific crafting station. The crafting system is deeply interwoven with game progression, with many "key" materials and crafting stations dropped by various bosses, or otherwise available only after a given boss has been defeated.

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The crafting aspect is slightly different across different versions of Terraria. To access the crafting menu, press the Inventory key while in-game. This will bring up the heads-up display, showing your inventory, equipment slots, and other options. The crafting menu is located in the bottom left of your screen, as indicated in the image below. On Console, press () / () / (). From there, switch tabs on Old-gen console to access the crafting interface and on Console, switch menus ( / ) .

The items that can be currently crafted will appear in this menu. Your crafting options are determined by the items you have in your inventory, as well as your proximity to various crafting stations. Next to a selected item's icon in the list, its crafting recipe appears.

Upon crafting, there is a 75% chance that a weapon or accessory is provided with a random modifier, slightly altering its quality. There is no way to predict what modifier will be applied on an item, and many items cannot get modifiers at all.

Many recipes require that you have a crafting station to craft them. The first crafting station available is the Work Bench, which can be crafted without any crafting station. To use a crafting station, it must be placed in the world, and you must be standing close enough to it (see image). Items you can craft using the station will then be added to the list of items you can currently craft. It is possible to stand near many crafting stations simultaneously to craft items using any of these stations. Additionally, some items, such as the Copper Watch or Waterfall Blocks require that you stand next to multiple different crafting stations to be able to craft them.

A compact, ultra-comprehensive above-ground crafting station that is capable of crafting almost any craftable item in 1.3. The only missing station is the Demon Altar/Crimson Altar as they cannot be moved. It also includes the Piggy Bank and the Safe for storage.

The same compact crafting station, but updated to include 1.4 crafting stations. Additions include Decay Chamber, Teapot, and Ecto Mist. Also built in a Snow biome and includes Piggy Bank, Safe, and Void Vault for storage.

A very efficient pre-Hardmode crafting area (as of v1.3.2.1) with every station needed to progress to Hardmode (including a table & chair for making a Depth Meter which leads to the Cell Phone). Simply stand on the Work Bench to access all surrounding crafting stations and chests.

A pre-Hardmode, post-Dungeon upgrade from the previous crafting area once the player has an Alchemy Table. Crimstone Blocks are used to surround the single tile of water to prevent losing the water from accidental hits with a strong Pickaxe. Also, note the wooden platform at the top of the water - this allows the extra chest to be placed.

In most guides on YouTube they just get by staying AFK for pretty long time, building farms to auto-kill pirate invasions, but my method is kind of easier, still it uses several exploits, they are all allowed ingame, so there is no problem.


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