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Panda Express Steamed Vegetables Recipe

The actual Panda Express version is well cooked and buttery. The slight taste of garlic is quite complementary to the veggies. I find that this copycat recipe smells wonderfully appetizing! The broccoli is well seasoned with spices, and the hints of garlic and ginger go well with the crunchy vegetables. The broth with the veggies is tasty, but a little salty for me. The homemade version is not quite as buttery as the Panda Express one, but it's more flavorful. Definitely would recommend!

panda express steamed vegetables recipe

This dish has tender pan seared chicken breast that's been marinated so it stays juicy and moist. Next is a flavorful kung pao sauce that's spicy, sweet & sour, and savory. Then it's all tossed together with crunchy chopped vegetables and served with freshly steamed rice.

In my home, we have stir fries for dinner about twice a week because of how easy and versatile they are to make. This Panda Express kung pao chicken copycat is the perfect meal for using up vegetables and protein sitting in your fridge. For this recipe, feel free to switch up your protein and vegetables and create your own kung pao stir fry based on what you have available to you.

A family favourite recipe for sure! My son loves spicy food and requests this dish every week. We serve it with steamed rice and it is the most wonderful meal and much easier to prepare than you might think. Way better than Panda Express!!

This was obviously inspired by the super greens vegetables from Panda Express's Menu , and pairs well with any of our amazing entree recipes. When you make it at home you can have the piece of mind of knowing you control all the variables for cleansliness and safety.

Remove the vegetables from the steamer and allow any excess water to drain off them. In a large Skillet or wok, on medium-high heat, heat a tablespoon or 2 of oil and stir-fry the steamed veggies with the salt, starch and soup base until the starch has coated the veggies allowing them to be slightly crisp around the edges.

When walking up to order, the first food options to choose from are rice or chow mein. Opt for steamed brown rice, which has beneficial nutrients not found in steamed white rice. It also comes without the unnecessary fat and calories found in fried rice and chow mein. However, if you really want to go into full-on health mode, skip it all together and ask for steamed vegetables.

Hi Sally. As you said, you like to ad-lib your recipes, so I'm hoping you ca forgive me for not following your recipe exactly, but instead using it a a guide, a base if you will. I woke up at 12:30 am, so running to the store wasn't an option. I had some leftover rice in the fridge to find a use for, and I love fried rice. I didn't have peas & carrots, but I had some steamed broccoli, so there was my veggie, and I had some leftover shrimp scampi. Again, 12:30am, I wasn't going out in search of peas & carrots. I used some of the scampi oil with olive oil for the eggs, and cut the shrimp into 3/4 inch slices. Thank you for making my first attempt at fried rice a success.


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