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Since the ancient times there have been devices to open all kind of nuts. The Greek Aristotle is most probably the inventor of the nutcracker, a pincer-like tool with two levers. But also decorative nutcrackers had already been crafted during ancient times. The fact that beautiful bronze nutcrackers were found in ancient graves shows that nutcrackers soon after their invention have been more than just a regular tool. Only valuable objects which had been of great importance in the persons past life or with possibly great importance in afterlife were placed into graves. In the 16th century was first recorded appearance of the decorative wooden nutcracker. King Henry VIII of England gave one to his second wife Anna Boleyn wife as a gift and Leonardo Da Vinci has constructed a machine for crafting wooden figurines and nutcrackers.

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Wooden Nutcrackers made primarily for decorative purposes entered the avenue to fame in the 18th century. In Bavaria (Oberammergau) the skilled craftsmen carved nutcrackers with oriental motives while in South Tyrol, nowadays a German speaking northern province of Italy, funny nutcrackers simply to enjoy the people were crafted. In the German Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) the most famous nutcracker was born the Original German Erzgebirge Nutcracker. The most popular ones until today.

The Erzgebirge is a low mountain range in the east of Germany. Rich deposits of gold, silver and tin brought prosperity to the region during the 15th -17th century. In the 18th century many mines dried up and forced the jobless miners to find new ways to make a living. They turned to their long time hobby wood working and started to handcraft wooden items. The main technique has already been woodturning and woodcarving. These are the roots of all the wonderful nutcrackers, incense smokers, Christmas pyramids and Light Arches (Schwibbogen) from the German Erzgebirge.

The classical German Erzgebirge nutcracker has a grim look and a big angry mouth. The German author Jacob Grimm (1785-1865) described nutcrackers as idols that are made to exorcize evil spirits. Typical motifs are State Authorities like Kings, Soldiers and Policemen. By giving these authorities the character and look of a nutcracker the Erzgebirge craftsmen expressed some protest and criticism without risking their lives. The nutcracker also served as a caricature of rulers. When Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Germany the Erzgebirge craftsmen produced Napoleon nutcrackers and later on the famous German Chancellor Bismarck was portrait. During the 19th century the nutcrackers became more and more popular and were sold on the German Christmas fairs as a toy for children. The antitype of the typical German Erzgebirge nutcrackers was crafted in 1865 in the workshop of family Fuechtner. About 120 work procedures were necessary to complete the 'father' of all Erzgebirge nutcrackers more than 140 years ago. He had a crown that reminded of a traditional miner's hat and his uniform had little white dots and filigree ornaments. It was painted with bright colours (red, orange, blue and yellow). Some of the classical nutcrackers of today still have this typical look. Besides wood Fuechtner used rabbit skin for hair and beard and dough was used for feet and eyes.

Even in Art and Literature nutcrackers were used as a theme. The two most popular works are a fairy tale by E.T.A. Hoffmann called "Nutcracker and Mouseking" and the famous ballet by Tschaikowski "The Nutcracker". The ballet has contributed significantly to the popularity of the German Erzgebirge nutcrackers because it has spread the look of the nutcracker around the world. Now outside of Germany many people became lovers of the nutcrackers, too. In the USA more and more enthusiasts started to collect nutcrackers.

In this context the two Erzgebirge workshops Christian Ulbricht and Steinbach GmbH Marienberg deserve to be mentioned. They have started to produce nutcrackers for the international market earlier than any other workshop from the Erzgebirge. Ulbricht and Steinbach expanded their range of models from Kings, Soldiers and Policemen to more modern images of folklore and history. They started to craft nutcrackers not only with German characters but also with internationally known characters, focussing besides the German also on the US market.

Ulbricht and Steinbach produced so many different models that everybody found one he liked and collectors enjoyed the large variety of handcrafted collectible items. By limiting the number of nutcrackers produced of a certain model the price of many models increased during the years. This made it even more attractive to collect German nutcrackers. Some enthusiasts today have collections of several thousand pieces.

An Original Erzgebirge nutcracker is a beautiful decorative item for all seasons. Many people think of the wonderful Christmas time when they see a nutcracker. Many stores in Germany put nutcrackers into their store (not for sale) and display windows to increase Christmas sales. The nutcracker has the reputation to inspire people to shop on Christmas time. The traditional German Christmas fairs offer many nutcrackers and other Erzgebirge items.

The cities Seiffen, Olbernhau and Marienberg are the center of the nutcracker production from the Erzgebirge. Particularly Seiffen is internationally famous for wooden Erzgebirge handcrafts. The Erzgebirge-Palace offer over 600 different nutcrackers by renown manufacturers from the Erzgebirge including Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker, Steinbach, KWO Olbernhau, Richard Glaesser, Mueller Kleinkunst and Seiffener Volkskunst.

Assuming they would be the normal doll-sized ornaments traditionally used to break assorted nut shells, when they arrived she was shocked to discover she had, in fact, purchased two life-size nutcrackers.

Mskdd72 said: "You have made my night. Me and my son have debated and laughed about the need for these nutcrackers on the front porch. He's against it and is threatening to bear with a bat if I buy them."

A nutcracker is valued and deemed collectible based on its age, rarity, craftsmanship, material and brand name. It should also be able to crack nuts as a proper nutcracker should do. You might find yourself lucky if you are able to get a classic German Erzgebirge nutcracker. These nutcrackers have big angry mouths and grim looks. As mentioned, nutcrackers served as the caricature of rulers. When Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Germany, Erzgebirge produced Napoleon nutcrackers. Even the famous chancellor Bismarck was portrayed. The Christmas nutcrackers are sold and introduced to the local markets by Steinbach GmbH Marienberg and Christian Ulbricht.Some famous examples of their work include:-George Washington Nutcracker made by Steinbach

These nutcrackers are considered as collectibles. Just like any rare and collectible item, they are valued for their rarity, craftsmanship, brand, material, and design. Keep in mind that nutcrackers are not made overnight. According to the legendary Herr Steinbach, a single and original nutcracker can take up to 4 years and about 130 different procedures to complete. The reason behind this is, for a company like Steinbach, the procedures include the following:

Steinbach Volkskunst from Marienberg in Germany is manufacturer of the finest wooden works of art such as nutcrackers and traditional German incense smoker. For over 200 years we take attention to detail, creativity and the finest materials in our world-famous wooden figures. Discover the Steinbach diversity - PURE GERMAN.

The earliest known nutcracker tools were made in the third or fourth century B.C. Even though these are primitive in comparison to the ones we have now, they often came with decorations or engravings. These nutcrackers were designed to the shape of pliers and worked the same way. By pushing the handles against each other with the nut in between, you could crack the shell open with very little effort.

Wooden nutcrackers started to catch on in Europe during the 15th and 16th century. Carvers would sculpt small figurines out of local wood. This was popular in small towns of England and France. As far as the nut-cracking function goes, two pieces of wood were simply fastened together by a leather strap. When you lift the top piece to place a nut inside, the it would clamp down on the nut once you let go.

The most famous german doll adored worldwide is definitely the Nutcracker. The history of the festive doll dates back to the 17th century when Friedrich Wilhelm Füchtner started producing them in his workshop in the Ore Mountains. Friedrich Wilhem, the father of the German Nutcracker doll is as well the one responsible for popularizing the original wooden nutcrackers as he is the one that started the mass production of christmas decorations, in a small town in East Germany, Steiffen, the toy producing village in Germany.

-Taste is not a matter of discussion, but some nutcrackers are definitely cuter than ours or are day? Apart from the traditional christmas nutcrackers, there are nutcracker dolls for every occasion as the bbq nutcracker guy, who has his full outfit starting from blue jeans and checkered shirt, to the tiniest details as the meat, fork and even apron, an all year round decoration and a star on your yard parties. Another one is the snowboard nutcracker, who will count the days together with you till the next season. That nutcracker doll looks as he is ready to hit the slopes just now. Another favorite classic is the King of Hearts, festive, but not limited to a season, this nutcracker king will always look gorgeous in every room.

Since the nutcracker has become the official doll of the christmas holidays and you can find it in the size from small hand sized ornaments, up to real human size dolls, you should choose according to the area you want it to fit in. If you have a huge christmas tree and would like to put a nutcracker doll, then one of the XL nutcrackers from 26 inches is the right choice for you, extra points if you have a small child at home, that would make perfect photos on which they would look like buddies. If you are considering one of the medium sized nutcracker soldiers or kings then the best fit for you would be to buy a doll in the range from 10 to 20 inches, based on the shelves you want to put them, or maybe the top of your fireplace. Also this size is great for the non conventional nutcrackers, the ones that describe you or your hobby. The small nutcrackers of 8 inches or less, make great christmas three ornaments. Imagine a christmas tree decorated with only nutcrackers in various outfits and colours. Heaven. They are also a perfect addition to a christmas present for the loved ones or as an ornament to your wrapping, everyone will be amazed. 041b061a72

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