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Merkur Razor Where To Buy

Merkur double edge safety razors are a household term among wet-shavers! These German-crafted shaving tools have become a standard in the industry. They are part of Dovo, who was founded in 1906. Merkur offers very interesting options and are far more expansive than many other safely razor companies. You can get a variety of head styles ranging from a straight safety bar, open comb, or slant bar. In addition to the heads, there are a variety of handles from 2 piece, 3 piece, and adjustable razors. They tend to have very good knurling on the handles, which is helpful when your hands are slippery. Merkur is a great brand to explore if you have not found exactly the perfect razor for cutting those whiskers and need to try another razor style, or if you are the kind of guy (or gal) who just likes to change it up a bit sometimes.

merkur razor where to buy


Our unisex razors are suitable for everyone.BladesTake a look at our selection of razor blades.SetsOur sets contain everything you need for an ideal shave.MERKUR Razor SolingenThe MERKUR Razor brand has existed in Solingen for more than 120 years and primarily manufactures sophisticated, high-quality, double-bladed razors in Germany.

Meticulously skilled workers craft masterpieces in steel with attention to detail and great craftsmanship. The challenge for all of them is to exceed the standards of the Solingen Ordinance with cutlery expertise that has been passed down for generations.more about the companyOur TopsellerMerkur 23001Safety razor, straight cut, long handle, bright chrome

The 34c is an absolute heavy duty safety razor weighing in at 77 grams which is much heavier than most razors of comparable size even though it's still an average safety razor weight and excellent build quality. It's short and wide, which makes it feel regal, and the even weight distribution gives you control of the shave. The stout, brass body gives it a dense, significant feel in your hands, earning it the nickname the Merkur Heavy Duty.

There are a few complaints in razor reviews about this classic razor about the short size being one of them coming in at 3 inches total length. If you have larger hands, you may not find a comfortable position holding this De safety razor. However this weakness is also a strength; the small size is great for detail work and moving around contours.

Men with an extra coarse beard or facial hair may also find they need more firepower than the Merkur 34c heavy duty safety razor is capable of, if at this is at all necessary I highly suggest using the 34c in combination with more aggressive double edge razor blades. Or you might want to check out the 37c Slant, like the 34c except with a slightly more aggressive slanted razor head.

The Merkur 34c heavy duty safety razors hits the sweet spot and a great shave for most wet-shavers and one of the most safest safety razor available. Perfect for the beginner wet shaver! The Merkur 34c gives a smooth and comfortable shave with less skin irritation, razor burn and protects against razor bumps. The chrome finish lets the razor glide up and down your face with ease. You can make exact cuts in tight places like your mustache, and it only takes one or two strokes to slice the hair off your face.

Even though the Merkur 34c is known as a "heavy-duty" safety razor, that refers to its average weight of 77grams (about 2.7 oz). It's really mildly aggressive razor compared to other safety razors, about right in the middle of the range. However, you can make it more aggressive by sharper high quality bladeslike a Feather, or make it a little milder by using a softer edge, like Merkur blades or Derby (the 34c razor comes withone blade). Either way, the blade is angled in a safe but sharp position, so it's hard to cut yourself. The open comb head primes your hair to be cut, so the only time you feel a tug is when your blade is ready to change.

The .71mm blade gap of the Merkur 34c HD lands it squarely in the realm of mild safety razors and you can tell because you get a close shave without a lot of cuts. The gap and the scalloped safety bar, which preps facial hair to be cut, are what make this safety razor feel like it really cares about your face.

Merkur put a lot of thought into the grip of the Merkur 34C double edge safety razor. The body is heavily knurled in a diamond pattern, delivering an easy but firm grip from every angle, even when covered in shaving cream. Horizontal grooves at the base offer your fingers a few extra anchors.

Many wet-shavers say the Merkur 34c has the best safety razor grip available and it lives up to its promise. That said, it's ideal for people with average-sized hands. It is one of the shortest safety razors out there, so shavers with big hands may find it hard to grip.

The Merkur 34c heavy duty comes with a heavy-duty short handle, and one of the thickest handle diameters around. The total handle length is approximately three inches with a handle diameter of .4 inches. This makes the 34C slightly handle heavy compared to other safety razors although perfectly weighted. The chrome finish looks fantastic, and the intricate diamond patterned knurled handle makes this one heavy-duty short Merkur razor. If you want a comparable razor with a longer handle, look no further than the 38C, which is the same razor with a roomer grip.

The 34c is compatible with any safety razor blades. Changing the blade is easy because it is a two-piece safety razor. Simply, twist the grooved knob at the bottom to release the top of the head. Replace the safety razor blade and then screw it back on.

Blade sharpness is just as important a matter as the razor you pick, so pay attention to which you use with the 34c. We recommend Feather, Kai,or Personna for sharper blades and Derby for something milder. It's always a good idea to get a few different packs to start so you can find one that works for you.

Few other safety razors come close to offering quality this high for a cost this low. At just under $45, the 34c is only about 2 times the cost of a disposable cartridge razor but gives you many years more shaves. Not to mention savings from not buying expensive replacement cartridge razors.

Compact size and classic design give this safety razor an authentic, old-time vintage double edge razors appeal. From the moment you take it out of the box, it feels special. The masculine knurling and the beautiful engravement of the Merkur logo the Greek god Hermes the god of good fortune and mischief is definitely gorgeous enough to display in a proper stand and badger brush.

You can feel the quality of this safety razor just by holding it in your hands. The small, thick frame and the dense weight of the dense brass inner body make it feel important like you're holding something that costs a lot more than $45. The chrome plating is beautifully crafted and stands up to regular wear and tear, although we have heard of it chipping after years of use.

Care for the Merkur 34C safety razor like you would any other razor with a brass body and chrome lining. Thoroughly clean and dry the razor after each use, and store it properly away from moisture. If you take care of it, this razor can last you for more than 5 or 6 years. The two-piece head is the least prone to breakdowns of all the types of heads, so it can handle more abuse than one or three-piece safety razors with more parts. The worst thing that has been said to happen is the chrome chipping off, which can be avoided with some care.

The Merkur 34C is a great first razor because it gives you the smooth shave that attracted you to safety razors in the first place. but it costs less than a regular disposable razor blade and cartridge.

Ask a room full of wet-shavers about their first safety razor and a noticeable amount will tell you the Merkur 34C safety razor. But, it's not one of those noob safety razors that get tossed aside once you learn more tricks. Experienced wet shavers keep theirs around because its factory settings are ideal for a close shave with just a few swipes. Plus the small size is ideal for detailing.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, we stand for quality and durability with our DOVO razors. Then as now, the safety razor enables a comfortable, safe and cost-effective shave. Why should we build a 5 or 6 blade razor when the advantages of one blade outweigh?

The safety razor offers you a wide range of applications - from the classic facial shave to the body hair shave to intimate shaving. Even longer or thicker hair can be mastered by our safety razors with ease, without sacrificing the protection and comfort of a traditional razor.

Safety razors with a closed comb are perfect for the gentle daily shave. With an open comb, you also shave long or particularly dense body and beard hair thoroughly. The slant bar razor is ideal for unruly hair. With our safety razors with adjustable blade gap, you can adjust the thoroughness and gentleness individually.

Our DOVO safety razors are manufactured in Germany and offer complete corrosion protection and outstanding durability thanks to the zinc die casting process. In addition to these features, you can choose between heavy or light razors with different handle lengths. Many of our safety razors are available in a variety of options, such as bright chrome, matt chrome, gold or black - you decide!

With the replaceable Double-Edge razor blades you can shave thoroughly and hygienically. A common cause of pimples and razor bumps are bacteria and germs on the blade and blade gaps. Our razors are designed so that you can easily clean them and replace the interchangeable blade with a new one at a low cost.

Our DOVO safety razors are not only comfortable to use but have also been a symbol of sustainability and durability for decades. They are made entirely of metal and designed for long-term use. The stainless steel double edge exchangeable razor blades are fully recyclable. 041b061a72


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