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Reggae EZkeys MiDi WiN: The Best Tool for Reggae Keyboard Production

when i was first introduced to this pack, i thought it was a joke. i don't normally play in a major key, but i have always wanted to learn how. the ezkeys pack taught me to play in a major key. when i tried to play the other chords the keys didn't match up.

Reggae EZkeys MiDi WiN

Download Zip:

this is a great pack for anyone who has the slightest interest in playing reggae. these keys are amazing, easy to play and easy to get the feel of. it is so intuitive and simple to use that i was amazed at the results. the quality is also amazing, as you can tell by looking at the demos. i am in the process of making a library of my own based on this pack, although i am using it as reference for the chords i am playing, not just as a piano melody reference. the quality is amazing. this is the first time i have ever paid for a keyboard library, but i am so glad i did.

i also wanted to capture the different types of bass lines you can find in reggae. there is a lot of that in the game and if you want to use them you have to choose where you want to put them in your song. that was also the reason i took out the drum hits, since they are usually all over the place and make it harder for you to choose what you want to use.

i also want to point out that this library is very different to the other libraries i made with ezkeys. this one is much more of a sampler where you can choose from a pool of sounds and make variations out of them. the other libraries are mainly rhythm libraries where you can add the rhythm and chords to your song.

the into the dark ezx was recorded by multiple award-winning producer/mixer tom dalgety (ghost, rammstein, pixies, royal blood) and drummer mat hector (iggy pop, gutterdmmerung). it comes with three full drum kits as well as a bespoke set of cymbals and extra instruments derived from the fields of rock sdx. with the drums, the broad collection of presets engineered by tom dalgety as well as the custom midi library by mat hector, expect to get immersed in a monochrome journey that encapsulates the entire dark rock greyscale from the blaring, raw and rebellious tones of post-punk to the dark, gruesome and macabre hue of industrial-tinged new wave and goth.


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