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My Little Pony Fighting is Magic EVO Build free download

My Little Pony Fighting is Magic was an unfinished fan-made fighting game based on the popular animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The game was developed by a team of six fans, known as Mane6, who wanted to create a fighting game that would appeal to both casual and hardcore players. The game featured six playable characters, each with their own unique moves and abilities, as well as several stages and modes.

The game was first revealed in 2011, and gained a lot of attention and support from the My Little Pony fan community. The game was also showcased at several fighting game tournaments, such as EVO 2012, where it received positive feedback from players and spectators. However, in 2013, the game was cancelled after Mane6 received a cease and desist letter from Hasbro, the owner of the My Little Pony franchise. The letter claimed that the game infringed on Hasbro's intellectual property rights, and demanded that Mane6 stop developing and distributing the game.

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Despite the cancellation, a leaked version of the game, known as the EVO 2012 build, was made available online by an anonymous user on 4chan. This build was the latest version of the game that Mane6 had before they received the cease and desist letter. The build contained all six playable characters, as well as some unfinished features and bugs. The build also had a hidden character select screen, where players could access some of the planned characters that were not yet implemented in the game.

The EVO 2012 build became very popular among fans who wanted to play the game before it was shut down. Many fans also tried to port the game to other platforms, such as M.U.G.E.N, a freeware 2D fighting game engine. Some fans also created their own versions of the game, using different characters and assets from other sources. One of these fan-made versions was Fighting is Magic: Aurora, which added online multiplayer and more customization options to the game.

The EVO 2012 build of My Little Pony Fighting is Magic can be downloaded for free from various websites, such as [Internet Archive] or [Mugen Fighters Guild]. However, downloading and playing the game may be considered illegal, as it violates Hasbro's intellectual property rights. Therefore, anyone who wants to play the game should do so at their own risk. Alternatively, players can try Fighting is Magic: Aurora, which can be downloaded from [its official website]. Fighting is Magic: Aurora is not affiliated with Mane6 or Hasbro, and uses original characters and assets that are not related to My Little Pony.


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