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HD Online Player (Green Lantern First Flight 720p Down)

Green Lantern faces off against Deathstroke, who tells him that there is a "Greater Evil," and that he needs Green Lantern. At first, this seems to be a reference to the demon Sinestro, until it is revealed that this is actually Metal Man, who is responsible for the recent destruction at Korugar. Green Lantern arrives at the city, where he discovers Sinestro destroying the Lanterns there. The two fight, with Green Lantern beating Sinestro back to his ship, where he sentences him to the Phantom Zone. Sinestro then breaks free, and reunites with a number of other villains, including Superman, Lex Luthor, and Darkseid. While Darkseid controls a city, Superman and Lex Luthor fight. In the battle, Lex Luthor tries to kill Superman, only for Superman to move as quickly as light.

HD Online Player (Green Lantern First Flight 720p Down)

Green Lantern takes on the Deathstroke in an arena, and knocks him out. However, he does not have sufficient energy to hold him down. With help from Batman, they manage to carry him to the roof of the building, where he is imprisoned in a block of metal.

While Deathstroke is facing off against Wonder Woman, he is rescued by two gladiators. However, they are forced to kill them. The next day, he is thrown in jail along with Sinestro. Green Lantern shows up, and is not pleased to see Sinestro. Despite losing, they arrive at the space ship after the battle. They have some deep conversation, with Sinestro revealing his true origins. During the fight, Sinestro grabs the Green Lanterns' power ring, and shoves it on Darkseid's finger, where he absorbs the power. During the fight, Green Lantern is knocked out, and Sinestro shoves him to a wall. When Green Lantern recovers, he is in the Phantom Zone, with Sinestro, who is now wearing the ring, in control. When Green Lantern tries to regain control, Sinestro tricks him by flashing him down into the imp-like form of Abin Sur, and then throws him into the last charge of the Ring, killing Green Lantern, while his ring does the same to Abin Sur. As the ship leaves, Sinestro explains the history of the Green Lanterns to him. Sinestro then reveals the reason he wants to steal the Power Rings: he is the only one who knows how to use the rings correctly, which is why he needs Green Lantern.


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