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Dora Vertol
Dora Vertol

Can anyone help me learn not to burn vegetable oil?

I'm really working on getting my pan fried chicken to brown properly. When I turn the heat down low it doesn't cook properly in the middle, when I turn the heat up higher I can usually get it to brown really well and cook properly but it burns the oil, smells terrible and really affects the taste. I can't even add the butter and garlic because the butter is too rancid by the time it's done. I mainly use vegetable oil and extra virgin olive oil. Can anyone give advice on how to avoid burning olive oil when cooking?

Olive pomace oil is a form of olive oil that is extracted from the pomace left after the olives are first pressed. Pomace olive oil has a higher smoke factor than virgin olive oil, making it greater suitable for high-heat cooking, which includes frying. How to Avoid Burning Extra Virgin Olive Oil When Cooking , I learned by reading all of the features of olive oil while cooking. What a wonder it became for me to research that you don't should fear approximately the smoke point of greater virgin olive oil whilst cooking, it is just essential to don't forget that the smoke factor of pomace olive oil is commonly 220-240°C, that is better than greater virgin olive oil. However lower than a few different oils.



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