This breed is widely known as the Black Spanish Turkey but is also referred to as just Black or Norfolk Black. No matter what you call it, there is no denying this creatures beauty. It's adorned with glossy black feathers that emit a green sheen. Although it's extremely popular in Europe, the breed is considered "threatened" in North America according to the Livestock Conservancy. It was developed in Europe from turkeys imported by explorers, like Christopher Columbus. Early North American settlers introduced the breed to the northeastern hemisphere. Genetic lineage of the Bronze, Narragansett, and Slate turkeys can all be traced back to the Black Spanish variety. 


Black Spanish are known for their meat production. They also have rapid growth rates and mature early, laying around 9 months of age. 


Average market weight: Toms 23 lbs, Hens 14 lbs. Old Toms 33 lb Old Hens 18 lbs.


*Turkeys are sold as straight run only and will not be sexed.

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