Salmon Faverolles

Salmon Faverolles Chickens were originally bred by the French for meat and eggs. Faverolles lay a slightly tinted egg and are great layers through the winter. Faverolles are very gentle, do well with children, and can become affectionate with their handlers.


Faverolles chickens are characterized by their beards and muffs as well as feathers on their feet and legs. Faverolles also sport a fifth toe! Salmon Faverolles hens have a rounded appearance and are a light salmon brown color with creamy white breast, beard, and muff. Roosters have white neck feathers, a black beard and muff, and a reddish/salmon brown back with black breast, body legs and primary tail and wing feathers.


Faverolles are considered to be a threatened breed by the Livestock Conservancy. They are an excellent sustainable heritage breed, laying 180-240 eggs per year.


Average mature weight: Roosters 8 lbs., Hens 6 1/2 lbs.

Salmon Faverolles

  • Select Pickup Date: Pickup date is the date the chicks are 2 days old and are ready to go home. Live poultry will be available for pickup on pickup date and up to 36 hours after. NO EXCEPTIONS! Any order not picked up on the specified dates or within 36 hours will not be held for a longer period of time and will be considered abandoned. Because of the perishable nature of the product, we can not issue a refund for orders that are abandoned.

    Picking up Chicks: You will be notified by email the day before pickup date that the chicks have hatched and will be ready to go along with available pick up times and location. If chicks are not available we will email/make effort to contact you to set up a next best date of your choosing.

    100% Healthy Chicks Guarantee: If there is a problem with ANY of the birds after pick up you must CALL US IMMEDIATELY so we can help trouble shoot any possible causes for the problem. Review our Chick Care Guide for tips on how to set up their area and proper care. On cold days plan on bringing or purchasing a heat pack (hand warmer) for their travel home. It is highly recommended you have a thermometer in their brooder to observe that the temperature is as recommended by age. 

    Please Note: Every effort will be made to accommodate the hatch date chosen. But inventory is constantly changing.

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