Poultry Brooder

Our brooder box was custom built to grow new-born poultry past their most critical first couple weeks. Great for growing chicks, bantams, turkeys, ducklings, quail, or other game birds up to 6 weeks of age. Brooder kit comes with brooder box, wire tray for proper leg development, drop tray (not shown in picture) for easy cleanup, heat lamp, our Chick Care Guide, and as a gift from us, a Chase Hatchery $10 Gift Certificate.



0-3 week old poultry

20-25 full size chicks

25-30 bantam chicks

12-15 turkey poults

12-15 ducklings


4-6 week old poultry

10-15 full size chicks

15-20 bantam chicks

4-8 turkey poults


4-8 ducklings

Poultry Brooder


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