Brooder Supply Kit

Our Brooder Supply Kit comes with the basics you need to start caring for your newborn poultry. Kit includes 250 Watt light bulb, heat lamp, brooder thermometer, Screw-on Water and Feeder Base with 1qt Screw-on Jars, DuMOR 10lb Chick Starter Feed, Electrolyte & Vitamin 3-pack, Probiotic Supplement 3-pack, pine shavings, heat warmer to safely transport chicks home, and our Chick Care Guide. 



- 250 Watt light bulb

- Brooder thermometer

- DuMOR 10lb Chick Starter Feed

- Electrolyte & Vitamin 3-pack

- Probiotic Supplement 3-pack

- Pine shavings

- Heat lamp

- Screw-on Water Base

- Screw-on Feeder Base

- (2) 1qt Screw-on Jars

- Heat warmer

- Our Chick Care Guide



0-3 week old poultry

20-25 full size chicks

25-30 bantam chicks

12-15 turkey poults

12-15 ducklings


4-6 week old poultry

10-15 full size chicks

15-20 bantam chicks

4-8 turkey poults


4-8 ducklings

Brooder Supply Kit


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