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There Is No Browser, Only Zuul

Peter Venkman: Dana? It's Peter.Dana Barrett: There is no Dana, there is only Zuul.Peter Venkman: Ol' Zuula you nut, now c'mon. C'mon. I want to talk to Dana. Dana. Just relax, c'mon. Dana. Dana. Can I talk to Dana?Dana Barrett: [deep demonic voice] There is no Dana, only Zuul.Peter Venkman: What a lovely singing voice you must have.

There is no browser, only Zuul


When we knew that AngularJS was executing as part of a client-side browser-based application, we could make all kinds of assumptions about how it could be used because, there was only one way to use it - in the browser. Now that Angular 2 has decoupled itself from the concept of a browser DOM, we can no longer make those assumptions. And, in certain cases, like tracking click events outside of the current component, we have to come up with alternate, unassuming approaches to age-old problems. Like compare Event object references rather than walking the DOM tree.

I know that part of the driving force behind the DOM abstraction is that they can render on the server-side; but, I haven't looked into that yet. It's also a concept I can't fully wrap my head around yet. Since I've really only built apps at the extremes - single page vs. request-response - it's hard for me to understand how one would think about building an app that renders on the server-side AND is response on the client. I feel like somewhere, something's gotta give - there's gotta be some caveat that I'm just not seeing :D

During the movie, Gozer is on the precipice of a return, but just like in the first film, there needs to be a Keymaster and a Gatekeeper in order to bridge the gap between dimensions. We know something big is about to go down when Callie (Carrie Coon) suffers from a mysterious attack in her dad's old basement. When her kids discover her, she looks fairly out of it, and that's when we get one of the coolest, most chilling lines in the entire film: "There is no mom. There is only Zuul." Apart from the "mom" bit, it's nearly identical to what Dana (Sigourney Weaver) says in the original adventure. It once again confirms that this is a movie that always has the fans' interests at heart.

If you use @EnableZuulProxy, you can use the proxy paths to upload files and it should work, so long as the files are small.For large files there is an alternative path that bypasses the Spring DispatcherServlet (to avoid multipart processing) in "/zuul/*".In other words, if you have zuul.routes.customers=/customers/**, then you can POST large files to /zuul/customers/*.The servlet path is externalized via zuul.servletPath.If the proxy route takes you through a Ribbon load balancer, extremely large files also require elevated timeout settings, as shown in the following example:

In that case, the routes into the Zuul server are still specified by configuring "zuul.routes.*", but there is no service discovery and no proxying. Consequently, the "serviceId" and "url" settings are ignored.The following example maps all paths in "/api/**" to the Zuul filter chain:

Zuul is implemented as a Servlet. For the general cases, Zuul is embedded into the Spring Dispatch mechanism. This lets Spring MVC be in control of the routing.In this case, Zuul buffers requests.If there is a need to go through Zuul without buffering requests (for example, for large file uploads), the Servlet is also installed outside of the Spring Dispatcher.By default, the servlet has an address of /zuul.This path can be changed with the zuul.servlet-path property.


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