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Coach Wooden's Greatest Secret : The Power Of A...

He was his devoted worshipper for another and morepowerful reason. In his daily intercourse with him inhis library during his campaigns he had frequently methis beautiful daughter, and had fallen deeply and madlyin love with her. This secret passion he had kept hiddenin his sensitive soul. He had worshipped her from afaras though she had been a white-robed angel. To see herand be in the same house with her was all he asked. Nowand then he had stood beside the piano and turned themusic while she played and sang one of his new pieces,and he would live on that scene for months, eating hisheart out with voiceless yearnings he dared not express.

Coach Wooden's greatest secret : the power of a...

In his music he made his greatest success. There wasa fiery sweep to his passion, and a deep oriental rhythmin his cadence that held the imagination of his hearers ina spell. It is needless to say it was in this music hebreathed his secret love. 041b061a72


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