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Dynamic Line Chart 1.0.6 For After Effects

If you experience bad performance, you can investigate the reason by using the Timeline from Chrome Developer Tools. I will write more about this tool in mistake #17. If your timeline graph is dominated with the color green after recording, your performance issues may be related to processing of images. This is not strictly related to AngularJS, but may happen on top of AngularJS performance issues (which would be mostly yellow on the graph). As front-end engineers, we need to think about the complete end project.

Dynamic Line Chart 1.0.6 for After Effects

For the CPU usage while using the graph, it is mostly bound to the underlying graph library. Animating graphs over canvas theoretically scales better than over svg, but it also means refreshing canvas pixels every frame if you want it to be dynamic. I will eventually do some experiments and go for optimizing low-hanging fruits but looking at simple examples from the library as a baseline, it won't be that significative of an improvement at the moment.I do run Joplin on an old mac laptop (2014) and if I notice the fan at times, I have not experienced lag (except in tests with several thousands nodes and links) or unresponsiveness. Please open an issue with details about your hardware config / graph size if this is the case.

I do have implemented those methods already. But both have their set of problems in terms of communicating info back to the user so I stay away from using them until I can figure out a good way to implement dynamically expanding graph regions.Also the sheer model size has not really proven to be a bottleneck. It will be even less so after I switch to the /events api (soon). The ui will eventually lag on large graphs (probably larger than most users knowledge base though), so this may become more critical for some users but not most. For now filtering data should help. 041b061a72


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