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How To Buy Champions League Final Tickets ((BETTER))

Tickets for the final were allocated to each club by UEFA. Each club received an allocation of 20,000 tickets, with 12,000 available to the general public. Of the 40,000 tickets available to fans of the clubs, 10,000 were provided free by UEFA.

how to buy champions league final tickets

Real Madrid have significant experience of allocating Champions League final tickets in recent years, and they tend to follow a set method. A small proportion of tickets were held back for club directors and sponsors, as well as various staff. From the remaining tickets, some were reserved specifically for the fans who have supported the club for the longest time, and others for fans with reduced mobility.

75,000 tickets are up for grabs to watch the Champions League final at the Stade de France on Saturday, May 28, of which UEFA has announced that 52,000 will be made available to supporters and the general public.

Both Liverpool and Real Madrid will receive an allocation of just 20,000, with 12,000 tickets being offered for sale to fans across the globe, while the two finalists will also give away 10,000 tickets free of charge to followers of their club.

All tickets will be delivered via the official UEFA Mobile Tickets app, which is available to Android and iPhone users, 10 days before the final in Paris. You are advised to not buy tickets from any unauthorised ticketing websites, due to scamming risks.

As in my other articles PLEASE DO NOT USE these websites for Champions League final tickets. Hundreds of victims fall victim to these scammers every final and they all have the same method. Primarily they want you send money either via bank transfer, Western Union, bitcoin, UKash etc. The scammer uses the fact that fans are desperate for tickets and want to believe that they can buy them for a good price. Scammers will use every excuse as to why you should send them cash before they deliver the tickets. Current excuses include that they are working away, cannot meet in person etc but they can send you the tickets when you make payment.

If possible, my advice would be to use one of the trusted websites in our table above, this ensures you get the tickets for the final in Paris. Paying for tickets on Craigslist or Gumtree will only result in disappointment and loss of money.

Thanks for all the information. I understand getting tickets for the final will be extremely difficult, what is the best possible way to stand the best possible chance to get tickets? What are the secondary sources for guaranteed tickets?

Introduced in 1955 as the Coupe des Clubs Champions Européens, and commonly known as the European Cup, it was initially a straight knockout tournament open only to the champions of Europe's domestic leagues, with its winner reckoned as the European club champion.

As the proud official partners of the UEFA Champions League, Heineken is sending 6 winners on a journey of a lifetime! Yes, it's all expense paid. What? Tickets to watch the finals? You betcha. Flight tickets? Ain't no problem, buddy. Your accommodation? Taken care of. Your meals? Considered done!

FedEx Deliveries - All FedEx deliveries will require a signature and be shipped to the billing address of the credit card used to make the purchase. It is your responsibility to provide a valid and secure address and have an adult available to accept and sign for delivery. Shipping and delivery times are subject to change and vary by destination. If for any reason FedEx fails to deliver your tickets in time for your event you agree not to hold responsible for any costs associated with your tickets, shipping charges or additional financial costs related to the missing of your event. A Lost Claim will be filed by with FedEx on your behalf. Returned tickets may be listed for sale on consignment with our consignment department, time permitting. Our consignment department will act as your agent to attempt to recover some or all of your costs. You have the right to set the asking price for your tickets; however, if no communication can be made, our consignment department will price the tickets appropriately in an attempt to recover as much of your money as possible. This may be substantially less than what you paid in some cases. If the tickets are not sold by the event date, our consignment department will return your tickets to you shortly after the event. It is always in your best interest to remain in close contact with our consignment department regarding the pricing of your tickets. You also have the right at any time prior to your event date to request that your tickets be sent back to you. Simply request your tickets to be shipped in a manner that will get them to you in time for your event. Please take into account any potential delays, such as adverse weather conditions, as our consignment department is not responsible under any circumstances for the timely delivery of your consignment tickets. 8. Credit Card Fraud Prevention - To protect our customers and from credit card fraud, a signed authorization form, photocopy of your passport and the front and back of the credit card may be required for the following type of transactions. a. International Orders b. When the shipping address is different than your credit card billing address c. Phone orders over $250 from first time customers d. Online orders over $1,500 when shipping and billing addresses are different e. When Email or Instant Download ticket delivery is being requested f. On orders for events taking place within 24 hours If we have not received the required documents (Signed Authorization, Passport and Credit Card Front & Back) and deem that fraud may be occurring, even after you have received a final invoice, we have the right to refund your payment and cancel your ticket request. The Credit Card Authorization form will be emailed to you after we receive your request for tickets. Please sign the Credit Card Authorization form which will come from RightSignature or Docusign and return it along with a photocopy of a valid Drivers License / Passport as well as the front AND back copy of the credit card used to make the purchase. You can also scan and email the documents back to You may black out any personal information on your photo ID you do not wish us to see as long as we can make out a signature and your name on the ID. You may also black out the first twelve digits on the card, we need to be able to read the last four digits on the card as well as your name on the front and the signature strip on the back. Again, this policy is implemented to protect card holders and prevent credit card fraud. 9. Stolen, Lost or Late Tickets - When you receive your tickets keep them in a safe place. In many cases, tickets cannot be replaced if they are lost, stolen or damaged. Treat your tickets like cash. Please note that direct sunlight or heat can damage some tickets. Although extremely rare, if your tickets are lost or arrive late due to FedEx's negligence, you agree to limit's total financial liability to a maximum of $100. In the event your tickets are lost or arrive late due to FedEx's negligence, we will file a "Lost Claim" on your behalf and credit your account once we receive a refund from FedEx. 10. Canceled Events - If an event is officially canceled and has not been postponed or re-scheduled, a full refund will be issued for the amount paid for the tickets. There are no refunds on postponed or re-scheduled events. Any shipping and service charges are non-refundable as they are sunk costs. In order to receive the refund on a canceled event, the following must happen: a. Unused ticket(s) must be returned, in original condition, to our office via FedEx or registered mail within ten (10) business days AFTER the event has been officially cancelled. If after 10 business days from the date of the cancelled event the tickets are not returned to our office, no refunds will be given. 11. Postponed Events - If an event is postponed and not canceled your tickets will be honored for the new date and start time of your event. There are no refunds on postponed events. New tickets will not need to be issued. Due to the high number of concert, sports and theater events, it is the responsibility of the customer, not to check with local media outlets and the event directly to get the most up-to-date starting time for when your desired event will take place. If you cannot make the new date or event time we can assist you with consignment to try and resell your tickets. 12. Event Dates and Times are Subject to Change - Event dates, schedules and times published on and noted on your invoice are subject to change at anytime. This is especially true for sporting events which are subject to television scheduling conflicts. Please be sure to check with the event or tournament directly before submitting your request for tickets. 13. Deposits - All deposits are non-refundable. Even though you have not received the tickets yet, we have already committed to purchasing tickets for you by the time your order is confirmed. 14. Credit Card Purchases- Please note that purchases by credit card do not grant you any variances from our terms and conditions. You are still responsible for complying with our terms and conditions. Any attempts to defraud us will result in your credit card payment refunded and possible legal action brought against you.

UEFA has officially closed the draw to get the tickets to the finals. Notably, on April 20, ticket sales for the general public ballot began exclusively on and continued until April 28. General public who have applied for the draw will be getting the notification if they are lucky enough to bag a ticket. 041b061a72


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