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Honda Cbr 900 Fire Blade 1998 Watch

Ive had heaps of bikes road and trail. This one is a keeper. First owner never went out in the rain. Was perfect when i got it. Commuter to work.. Dont ever drink and ride on this bike, did it once. Things move, way too fast. Few weeks after getting it, i came round a roundabout and nailed it. 9000 revs and takes off like a 'scared cat' . Then i found out what 'hyperspeed was' . Fortunately i was nuts already, so now i live in that zone ? just keep checking for blue lights, then nail it and watch them disappear ? i did get caught one day, for 3 seconds on the throttle. 1500 bucks, license gone 6 months. 6 points gone.....then found a bus, and drinking ? I had a regulater throw sparks 6 feet sideways.? A fireblade forum said right cover off. They not cheap to replace. I picked up a 17in wheel, but 'just love that wiggle the 16 does' , two choices of tyre now. Never go full speed, on new tyres, they are super quick, bed in the chain and sprockets too, never put a joining link on the oring chain. That click got me on a track day. Clutch in rolled to a stop. Half a link gone, fun day over. Never try to save spockets too. This is not a trailbike. Replace chain and sprockets as a set. Once they are beded in, tyres are good. This is your speed window ? fortunately i lived in an open speed limit state (it is not anymore), so my blade often did 240kph (all gears) , takes about 30 seconds to 280kph. Unfortunately now at 63, and brain cant see past 240, so my beutiful blade gets a rest. Also now in a different state, no fun here. So only small blasts to 200. Never selling my 98 blade, i just love it, more than the wife. Thats how good she is, the bike.

Honda Cbr 900 Fire Blade 1998 Watch

Owned my 97 RRV since 1998 after the first owner put 3k miles on it. Having now done 21k with a few mods later, I will never sell my fireblade. Owned R1's, GSXR's, supermotos etc but this bike always seems to delight. First mod was a VFR 17" front wheel, excellent choice. Now I run a set of MAG Dymags, RC45 front forks and yokes. Billet 6 calipers with PFM discs. Ohlins damper with Harris bracket, Ohlins rear shock and PFM disc. 1998 stainless downpipes with a stubby and Ti Vance and Hines pipe. Harris rearsets and Dunlop D208RR tyres are the best suited since the D207RR, tried many others but I like these overall. Internals are TTS finest with Bigbore JE pistons, flowed and polished, HRC cam with dynoed 41mm flatslides, the result is a sweet handling 158bhp 97 Fireblade that on the road the only thing that can slow you down is YOU !

If you are pondering as to whether a pre-injection blade is for you, then stop thinking and start buying! Not just are they classic's in the making, but they are a serious bike even by todays standards. I currently have a 1999 RRX/W and dont think for a minute that because it is a 10 year old bike that it must be slow! The blade still screams to breath taking speeds in no time at all and with a micron end can it sounds amazing! I use my blade every day and in all weathers and I love it! It rides two up with no problem at all with bearly any difference to the power and gets nods of respect every where you go. Two up, touring, around town, open roads...the list is endless! The blade is happy doing it all! As for fuel I normally reach about 140 miles before I hit reserve which is fine by me. I clean the blade all the time but even in winter the bike scrubs up really well. Excellent build quality, the likes of which you rarely ever see. If your new to riding to be put off by the blade. It really is very easy to ride, and as long as you respect it you cant go wrong. The 1998/99 blade is more like a sports tourer now especially in comparrison to the new blade which is more like a 600 is weight and shape. It is still big and bulky around its front end which gives it a menacing look! I really cant fault my bike. You really should stop thinking and get out there and buy one. I picked my 1999 blade up for a small sum of 1900! The bike only had 10000 miles on the clock and is and remains in excellent condition! I love it. For more photos check out my blog at

Aiming to be as lightweight as possible since its introduction in 1992, the 1998 generation brought a total redesign of over 80% of the Fireblade parts. The development team for the Fireblade brought an even lighter revision by stripping the machine down bolt-by-bolt, reducing the dry weight to 180kg, further enhancing its performance.

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  • 5k Miles Shown

  • 893cc DOHC inline-four

  • Six-Speed Manual Transmission

  • White, Red, & Blue w/Graphics

  • Triple Disc Brakes w/Nissin Calipers

  • Adjustable Showa Fork

  • Pro-Link Adjustable Shock

  • Four 38mm Keihin Down-Draft Carburetors

  • Solo Seat & Passenger Pillion

  • 4-Into-2-Into-1 Exhaust System

  • Tool Kit

  • Factory Literature

Private Party or Dealer: DealerAdditional charges from this dealer: USD $0Lot #61997 BaT History (1 entry) Email me if this is listed again This ListingSold by buybid22 to themotorcoachstore for $50,000December 20, 2021 GET THE BaT DAILY EMAILYour daily digest of everything happening on the site.


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