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Albert Cooley
Albert Cooley

Hello! I would like to share my impressions of and their guide to converting designs from Figma to HTML. As a client who often faces the need to convert layouts into web pages, I have always been looking for convenient and efficient ways to do this. So, when I came across their article Figma to HTML conversion guide, I was pleasantly surprised! This guide starts with the basics: what Figma is and why you should use it for design. For me, as a client, this was especially useful because I did not always understand all the capabilities of this tool. They then move on to the steps to convert and here they provide clear instructions and explanations for each step. It really helps to understand how to transform a design into a live web page. What I especially liked is that they provide not only text instructions, but also video tutorials for visual learning. This makes the process even more accessible and understandable, especially for those who prefer to learn through video. I also appreciated their recommendations for optimizing code and improving web page performance.


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